About the band:

Klezmerized! first came into existence in 2010, initially as a trio. Since then, the line-up has changed a few times. In 2015 our violinist Dee Scholey left the band and Sarah joined us on violin and cello.

We found our common interest at klezmer workshops, and decided to share this special music with everyone!


Some of us took up our instruments specifically in order to play klezmer, and we come from musical backgrounds as diverse as eastern European Gypsy music, Balkan song, folk, blues, jazz and bluegrass.


We have performed at the Norwich Arts Centre, Dragonhall, the Norwich Playhouse, at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, Holkham Hall courtyard cafe, the church in Cley-next-the-Sea, The Bank in Eye, the Wymondham Music Festival and even on a beautiful boat, The Albatros, in Wells-next-the-Sea, as well as at numerous private functions.


(To see our gigging schedule, visit our homepage and our Facebook page).

Christiane Guenther:

clarinet, recorder, percussion, vocals

George Hooker:

double bass,


Adrian Thompson:

accordion, guitar

The band members:

What got you into this music and why do you like it?

This is a frequently asked question that's tricky to answer!


One thing we share is a love for the sad and happy, the tears and the laughter that klezmer music seems to express so richly and so well at the same time. Although not from a Jewish background ourselves we do relate to the attitude expressed in a lot of Yiddish humour, amounting to:


'Life is hard - but let's play a happy tune!'


Another aspect that fascinates us is the way tunes and songs have travelled and mixed with other cultural backgrounds and styles such as Roma music, Sephardic songs and Balkan and Middle Eastern melodies. It's always interesting to trace a song or a tune from one country or region to another and see how it has changed while retaining a recognisable connection to its origins.


We are always keen to show respect to and learn more about traditional klezmer music, but also take great pleasure in coming up with our own arrangements and interpretations. We believe that creating music is an organic process and we really enjoy putting our own twist on this soulful music.

Sarah Barton:

violin, cello

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