What are "klezmer keilidhs" ?

A klezmer keilidh is essentially a barn dance Yiddish style!


Much like in other ceilidhs, the dances are explained by a caller and you don't need any experience, neither do you need to bring a partner to join in.

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The most quintessential klezmer dance is the 'Freylakh', which is Yiddish for 'happy'. The dancers just simply follow the dance leader and copy his moves, which makes them very accessible to any age group or ability.

Other dances involve learning a few steps, but fear not, our caller Chris Davis will make sure you won't be left behind.

The best bit is of course: you'll be doing all this to our foot-stomping klezmer repertoire and we also add in a few dances from Russia and even Estonia for good measure.

If you are interested in booking us for your party, event, festival... you name it! Please get in touch with us for details:

FolkEast, Glemham Hall, Suffolk 2018

St Thomas Church Hall, Norwich 2014

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Our caller Chris Davis has got many years of experience in dance teaching. He runs his own dance classes and calls for a number of Norwich based ceilidh bands. In 2018 he got on board with us to lead our Klezmerized! keilidhs. Whether you are an experienced dancer or a beginner, you will be in safe hands.

Here are some videos of klezmer keilidh dances: